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Providing Immigrants with Jobs, Safety and Dignity in Centreville

When the Centreville Labor Resource Center (CLRC) holds a celebration, it does so with people, food, music and fun. And its fifth-anniversary party Sunday afternoon was no exception. (Centre View: December 13, 2016)

Centreville: ‘A Great Resource in our Community’

The Centreville Immigration Forum (CIF) is dedicated to helping local immigrants find work and better their lives. So it was fitting that the theme for its second annual dinner was “Celebrating Our Global Community.” (Centre View: October 13, 2016)

Jobs Increasing for Local Immigrants: CLRC is making a difference in their lives

Before the Centreville Labor Resource Center (CLRC)opened in the Centreville Square Shopping Center, local day laborers stood on the street corners and employers hired them from there. But many didn’t get work, and some that did were of-ten cheated out of their wages by employers refusing to pay after the job was done.Things have vastly improved since then. When the center began operating in December 2011, it had some 100 day laborers. Now it has nearly 500 registered workers, including about 60 local residents, who’ve also sought jobs there in this tough economy (Centre View: August 15. 2013)

Creating Jobs, Helping Community: CLRC workers learn new skills building garden boxes for sale


Centreville — Guided by summer intern Tori Jameson, 13 workers at the Centreville Labor Resource Center have learned how to build raised, garden boxes. The project was part of their continual education learning new skills and is hoped to yield both funds and jobs for the center.The boxes are available for sale to the public. They come in two sizes, 6×3 and 2×2, but the workers can build them any size a customer wants and can install them in people’s yards. (Centre View: August 7, 2013

“Changes in US Town Reflect Easing of Anger Over Illegal Immigration”

…Nearby, in Centerville, a day laborer center that receives no public funding opened in 2011. Most of the men here came to the U.S. alone. Cesar Kolindres from El Salvador says if immigration reform passes, they intend to bring their wives and children….(Voice of America: April 2, 2013)

“Immigration Reform: Day laborers prepping for ‘path to citizenship'”

CENTREVILLE, Va. — As lawmakers scramble to finalize the details of a comprehensive immigration reform bill for debate in Congress later this year, some of its projected beneficiaries — the 11 million undocumented immigrants — are already preparing for a path to citizenship by learning English and filing taxes….Day laborers at the Centreville Labor Resources Center about 30 miles outside of Washington in suburban Virginia started the registration process for filing taxes after learning about the American income tax system at an instructional session last month. (Medill on the Hill: March 19, 2013)

“United in Song and Dance”

The Centreville Immigration Forum and Centreville Labor Resource Center held an International Dance & Music Festival, Saturday, April 27, at Centreville United Methodist Church.

“A Mesh of Cultures at an International Fiesta

The Centreville Immigration Forum (CIF) hosted an international fiesta at the Centreville United Methodist Church on Saturday night, as local residents performed songs and dances that celebrated their Korean, Mexican, Guatemalan and Indian heritages.Donations from the event helped fund the Centreville Labor Resource Center, which opened in 2011 to help day laborers in Centreville find work. (Centreville Patch May 7, 2013)

“We’ve Created a Community Here: Centreville Immigration Center celebrates one-year anniversary”

When the Centreville Labor Resource Center (CLRC) opened a year ago, it was with high hopes that it would become a safe and successful place for local day laborers to meet with employers to obtain jobs. It started slowly, at first. But as people became more familiar with the center and the caliber of its workers, word spread and more employers came there — instead of to the streets — to hire them. Now, things are going well and, on Dec. 1, the community gathered to celebrate the CLRC’s first anniversary.  (Centre View: Wednesday December 12, 2012)

“CIF Supporter Yom Chu Kim of the Korean Central Presbyterian Church Named Community Champion”

Volunteer Fairfax and Supervisor Michael Frey will honor Yom Chu Kim of Sully District with a Community Champion award during the 21st Anniversary Fairfax County Volunteer Service Awards. The Awards will be held Thursday, April 18, at the Waterford at Springfield in Springfield, Va.Supervisor Michael Frey nominated Kim for this award on behalf of his work on immigration. Through his volunteer efforts, Yom Chu Kim has been a tireless advocate for diversity within the Centreville community.  As a volunteer with the Centreville Immigration Forum, Mr. Kim strives to provide immigrants with vital tools that improve their lives and connect them with the community.  (Centreville Patch: April 10, 2013)

“Looking Back and Going Forward: CIF celebrates achievements, past director and future goals”

Centreville — The Oct. 23 annual meeting of the Centreville Immigration Forum (CIF) came full circle. Members honored the past year’s accomplishments and the former director of its labor resource center, heard a budget update, installed four board of directors members and planned for the future. “We’ve had an amazing journey since our last annual meeting,” said CIF President Alice Foltz. “Looking at our 2011-12 achievements, certainly the big one was the opening of the Centreville Labor Resource Center (CLRC) in December 2011. (Centre View Thursday November 15, 2012)