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CIF Board Sets New Vision & Goals

Know Your Rights training, 2017 goal

The CIF Board of Directors, committee chairs, and staff and volunteers approved new vision and mission statements at a special meeting at the new Labor Resource Center on February 26. The group clarified and updated old statements, first approved in May 2010, to sharpen focus on the work ahead. Approved are the following:

Our vision is a community that provides acceptance and opportunity for all immigrants.

The mission is to implement sustainable programs that provide immigrants in need with the means
• to improve their lives and become more integrated into the community
• to improve communication and cooperation among all groups serving immigrants
• to build community recognition of our strength in diversity.

The group also proposed focus goals for the next 3 years, and the Board will approve and clarify them at its next meeting. Goals include the core task for CLRC, job matching; along with ending wage theft, ESOL education, job-skills training, and improvement of data through full implementation of the new ID card program.

Two new focus goals for CIF are advocacy for immigrant rights, a goal which the Board has supported in recent months following new federal actions that threaten immigrant rights. For CIF, advocacy includes strong components of education, along with cooperation with other nonprofits and agencies through the Immigration Strategy Group and other regional and national efforts. The Board plans to develop and approve specific advocacy goals, and to establish procedures for action at its next meeting. The group also called for establishing methods for verifying and responding to raids within the community.

Finally, the Board set a goal for strengthening the Know Your Rights program, to inform immigrants of their basic rights as residents under US law and Constitution. The Board wants to provide immigrant members with tools for advocating for themselves, and to provide general legal services in a safe environment.

Consultants Janet Ford and Christi Carmouze led the Board planning at the new CLRC home, 5944 Centreville Crest La.