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Coming June 8: give a little & help CLRC workers a lot!

DONATE: DoMore24 Centreville Labor Resource Center

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Computers for the Centreville Labor Resource Center

Since opening nearly 6 years ago, CLRC provided six desktop computers for workers to learn (language and job skills), connect with family, and look for jobs.  NOW all of these computers are “down” most of the time, and CLRC workers need help! (see photo!) We are participating in DoMore24, the annual United Way-Capital Region online […]

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The 2016 CIF Annual Report is live!

We are pleased to announce that the 2016 CIF Annual Report is ready to view online. Center Director Jasmine Blaine led the team effort to pull the report together and handled all of the layout . Many thanks to Jasmine for her hard work!

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Family Reunification Classes begin February 6

Families who are welcoming a child after many years of separation may face a variety of emotions, from joy and relief to confusion and even resentment. CLRC offers support and help for the families and youth who are making this important adjustment.  The first family reunification support session is scheduled for February 6, 7 pm. […]

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Help Immigrant Workers Use Power of The Internet!

Click Here to Donate to our website campaign! Meet Henry! Henry is a construction worker with lots of skills and experience, and he is ready to work hard to support his family.   But this type of work is seasonal & temporary.  He and other workers appreciate that Centreville Labor Resource Center (CLRC) is their […]

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CIF Hosts Strategy Meeting of Immigrant Advocates

Anticipating changes in policies that may bring new stress for immigrants, Centreville Immigration Forum invited representatives of local faith communities and nonprofits to plan improved cooperation in service delivery. Northern Virginia has been a diverse and welcoming community, and those who gathered in December and January discussed ways to continue positive policies. More than 20 […]

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Wage Theft Exposed by GMU students

Wage theft steals nearly $50 billion a year from the pockets of low-wage workers across the nation, according to the most recent national study. What does this mean in Northern Virginia? This fall more than 20 students from George Mason University collected data and stories on wage theft in Centreville, as part of a senior-level […]

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5th anniversary celebrated at Centreville Labor Resource Center

Centreville Labor Resource Center celebrated 5 years of operation on December 11! In the 5 years since opening the Center, the workers, volunteers, and staff —more than 1000 of us!—have not only survived, we have thrived! Music, good food, friends and a piñata made the event special for the more than 100 who came to […]

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CIF Makes Awards at Annual Dinner

Centreville Immigration Forum honored Walter Tejada, Grace Community Clinic, and Ibrahim Choudhary, at the CIF Annual Dinner on September 30, at International Country Club in Fairfax. The awards recognized great contributions from these leaders who share their talents in voluntary service to our community. Alice Foltz, Board member of CIF stated, “These leaders have brought […]

New Director Jasmine Blaine sees a bright future for Centreville Center

Jasmine Blaine began as Director at Centreville Labor Resource Center on August 10, and after a few weeks on the job she commented on the smooth process of job negotiation between workers and employers. “I’m impressed with the positive relationships at the Center with both employers and members;   we have a fair and trusting environment for […]