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Strategy Group Supports County Statement on Immigration

Members of the Immigration Strategy Group, meeting at CIF on March 2, learned that on March 14 the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors will consider a resolution to strengthen support for all immigrants in Fairfax County, and to clarify county policy on immigration law enforcement. Centreville resident Marge Landis reported on a meeting with Clayton […]

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CIF Board Sets New Vision & Goals

The CIF Board of Directors, committee chairs, and staff and volunteers approved new vision and mission statements at a special meeting at the new Labor Resource Center on February 26. The group clarified and updated old statements, first approved in May 2010, to sharpen focus on the work ahead. Approved are the following: Our vision […]

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Organizer Cano Quickly Joins Community

John Cano arrived less than one month ago, but is already well-known on the corner, the soccer fields, and other community gatherings. He brings his experience in business and political management to the critical issues facing immigrant communities today. Already, John has organized three local sessions on Know Your Rights to provide accurate information for […]