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CLRC Mothers Day 2016 & New Opportunities for Women

The CLRC welcomed a number of new women into the community in the last year. Over 20 moms and kids participated in the Mothers’ Day Celebration with flowers, refreshments, and dancing for all the Mothers and Grandmothers. The types of jobs that women typically specialize in, such as house cleaning, do not grow at the […]

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100% Hiring at Centreville Labor Resource Center!

Sunny days brought 100% hiring at CLRC during the past few weeks of rain! Homeowners and contractors took advantage of the ready-to-go skills of Center workers to schedule jobs when there was a rare sunny day. The Center expects a flood of requests for yardwork and outdoor construction, when the rains finally end. Do call […]

CLRC Minimums Update!

By majority vote of the worker assembly, starting Monday, May 23rd, the new short job minimums are as follows: 3 hours or fewer of landscaping and other general labor: $60, 3 hours or fewer of heavier or skilled work like moving, painting, drywall, digging trenches, and other types of digging: $75; and 3 hours of […]